5 Home Maintenance Repairs For the Pros By Jody Kriss

Earlier today, I offered you recommendations for five quick fixes that you should try to get to this Autumn. While home maintenance is certainly the farthest thing from glamorous living, it is a necessary part of home ownership. It’s also rewarding: A well-maintained home will be healthier, cozier, and longer lasting than its poorly repaired counterpart. This list of repairs will often require a professional, so assess your skill level carefully before proceeding.

Bigger Repairs Clean your chimney

Hire a chimney sweep to remove debris and creosote from your chimney that could start a fire or contribute to carbon monoxide poisoning. Inspect your roof. If you’re not afraid of heights and aren’t accident prone, carefully walk around your entire roof looking for missing or damaged shingles and flashing (the silver metallic bits around the chimney). If you need repairs, it’s usually best to hire a professional unless you know what you’re doing. Add insulation. More info on that at http://jodykriss.nyc/

If you need to add insulation, the attic space provides the most bang for your buck. Not sure if you need it? Check out this graphic from the Energy Star website to find out. Replace doors and windows that cannot be repaired. Obvious candidates include those with large cracks or rotted sills. Consider having your ducts cleaned. However, the EPA recommends that you only have your ducts clean if there’s been a vermin infestation, obvious mold growth, or large amounts of detritus and dust blowing up through the vents. If you want to keep the value of your home, you can contact Jody Kriss for real estate tips.

Read through this checklist to see if you’re a candidate for duct cleaning.   Have you had any of these repairs made in the past year? What was your experience with it? Have you noticed any marked improvement in your home’s comfort level? Tell me all about it in the comments!