Outdoor Furniture Designs

In addition to wicker patio sets and teak patio furniture, you  can purchase many other types of for your yard or patio. Plastic  patio furniture is another old trend that is making a comeback. When you think  of buying outdoor patio furniture, plastic material is probably not at the top of your  list because it has a reputation of being flimsy. It is also often considered  to be the cheapest patio furniture both financially, and in the way that it is  made. Another common type of  plastic furniture used for outdoor living is resin patio furniture.  Browse through our large photo gallery of free landscaping pictures to help you get a jump start on design ideas for your backyard furniture.

Resin is a  type of plastic that is strong, durable, and UV protected, qualities that are  important in any type of outdoor furniture. Plastic and resin outside furniture styles come in many different colors and styles and are also commonly made to look  like wood. This decorative feature allows you to have the look of beautiful, colored  wood, without dealing with the expenses and maintenance of wood patio  furniture. When thinking of patio furniture wood furniture is the first  thing that comes to mind. Wooden furniture for a patio is one of the most versatile  types of materials because you can stain it and paint it any color you  want. Wooden patio furniture is also one of the most expansive materials  because of all the different types of wood that can be used.

Sort through our free photo gallery filled with pictures of landscape ideas to help you design a yard with outdoor furniture styles and materials. You can buy cedar  patio furniture, teak furniture, pine, oak, and even synthetic wood. The type  of care and maintenance requirements change with the different types of wood  that you choose, however patio furniture covers can be purchased to make the  maintenance of wooden garden furniture a little easier. Another material option  that is easier to care for than wooden patio furniture is metal patio  furniture. There are a variety of different types of metal that can be used to  make patio furniture.

Wrought iron patio furniture is made of iron  that has been worked with and shaped by tools to create its strong, slender,  and sleek form. Cast iron patio furniture is similar to wrought iron, however  rather than being molded with tools, cast iron is poured into a mold to shape  it and produce its form. Of the two types of iron used to make patio furniture  cast iron is slightly more durable than wrought iron, however both types are  hugely popular. Wrought iron patio furniture is extremely popular because of  the wrought iron gate trend. Another popular trend is aluminum patio furniture.  Like iron, you can by either normal aluminum or cast aluminum patio furniture,  with the later available in more designs and styles. Cast aluminium patio  furniture is stronger and more durable than the aluminum patio furniture of the  past and is even made to withstand rust and corrosion.

Regardless of your  material choice of patio furniture metal is the strongest and most durable of  materials. Although slightly more expensive, metal patio furniture will save  you time and money in care and maintenance materials. Don’t have a large budget and want to find patio furniture  cheap? Patio furniture outlets carry discount patio furniture to make your home  decorating less expensive. You can find brand name furniture at these outlets  for a more reasonable price and create an outdoor living space that mimics  those seen in designer catalogs. During summer holidays such as Memorial Day and  the Fourth of July, many department stores will have a huge sale on patio  furniture so you can update your outdoor lighting for night time summer entertaining.  You can also look for patio furniture on sale online at your favorite stores. However, today manufacturers make plastic patio furniture of a stronger,  heavier, and more durable polyethylene plastic that is made to withstand a  large weight, harsh sun rays, and inclement weather. If your budget is a little larger and you are looking for  long lasting, durable patio furniture iron is probably they type that you want.  Iron patio furniture is a common type of metal used for outdoor furniture  because it is not only strong and durable, but brings a rich, elegant look to  any backyard design or patio area. Iron patio furniture comes in two different types of  iron, wrought iron and cast iron.